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Keep it simple.
Make millions.
Become the Wealthiest Woman in Your Lineage with…

The Minimalist



Where You Get Fully Booked
and/or Fill Your Group Programs
with High-Ticket Clients, the Simple Way.

Keep it simple.
Make millions.
Become the Wealthiest Woman in Your Lineage with…

The Minimalist



Where You Get Fully Booked 
and/or Fill Your Group Programs 
with High-Ticket Clients, the Simple Way.
FEBRUARY 15 - AUGUST 16, 2021


"Sascha hadn't done a sales call in two years – now she is the primary breadwinner"


"I can't believe it: I launched my first group program and made over half a million dollars"

Before I joined? I made maybe $4,000/mo. By the end I made $35,000 (consistently) with an offer that reflects my life's work. Plus a launch that surpasses half a mil if I include the upsell. Join and your boundaries and bank-account will never be the same!


Note: we have two pods. One that focuses on getting fully booked and making $25,000/mo or more. And a Launch & Scale Pod that focuses on multiple six - or even seven figure - launches. You can indicate in your application what Pod you'd love to join.
  • 6 mo of Business Mentorship
  • Payment plan available
  • Get support from Merel herself
  • Group caps at 22 women

Written from our farm on

The Canadian Prairie

Are you destined to



Because if that's calling you
(plus the influence that comes with financial sovereignty),
here's what you need to know:

Making your first 7-figures and getting to
the kind of wealth that enables you to steer the fate of humanity?

You'll never hear me say it's easy.

(It took me - and my clients who've surpassed this milestone - some serious soul-searching and
"getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable" with so much leverage)

But it is simple

(and it can definitely be easeful).

A series of choices.
Getting the timing right.

Do what matters
Do what's profitable
Ditch the rest

We have participants go from

$5k/mo to $35,000/mo,

and from

low six figures/year to adding over a MIL in revenue

in less than 6 months

And if you have a business that works, and a clear sense (a deep knowing even)
of where your zone of genius lies?

We can help you make it work SO WELL

It'll feel as if you've turned
open the tap on money.

It just pours in whenever you want, 
at whatever speed you desire.

Accelerated Financial Expansion.

That's what we focus on inside 
The Minimalist Millionaire Collective.
(we'll give you the practical deets in a bit)
It's for you if you're looking to create the financial breakthrough of a lifetime (not just add another strategy-du-jour to your already overflowing to-do list of moving parts).
A rite of passage into your own (financial)
power that will enable you to…

Influence Where this is All Going

(instead of waiting to be "saved") 

And ABSOLUTELY, reach those beautiful 
quality of life goals that are going to uplift you and 
the people you love.

(Your version of being able to splurge on sustainably made baby alpaca knitwear, 
and spend close to $100,000 on planting a food forest in one summer)

...And blow everything you've ever earned up till now
(even if that was pretty decent) out of the FUCKING WATER.

"I've surpassed those numbers 20x and will very likely get to 7-figures this year"

I'm deeply moved when I look at the numbers I aimed for only a year ago. With Merel's help, I've surpassed those numbers 20x and will very likely get to 7-figures this year, and I have more time-freedom than ever



My Program went from $500 to a 5 figure investment... Merel attracts thought leaders in the making."

Mai-kee tsang

Note: The MM Collective is the next iteration of what was formerly known as the CAA. 

"I finished the year 
with a $25,000 month… my husband 
is also a huge fan!"

I went from booking $2-3 thousand/mo in August, to tripling that in the fall, and then tripling it again by year’s end. This December I booked $25K in business - creating so many opportunities for me and my family. Thank you!

Kim Kiel

“A God-send, I just had my best launch ever"

Suzanne’s business was already earning $100K+ per year… but her launches felt stressful and didn't get her where she wanted to be financially. After joining our program, she sold out her group program (with a 90% conversion rate), and made $150,000 with one offer. 

UPDATE: Suzanne's next launch brought in over $300,000 

Suzanne Beukema

"Merel Helped me move from $50,000/year to getting closer to my first $500,000 launch"

When I joined, I was working myself to the bone, trading hours for dollars, and keeping myself small with retainers. After hitting $14,000 the first mo in, we decided it was time to launch, and I did 6 figures. Since then, my launches keep growing. This is going to make me cry, but this program helped me make peace with money. 

Marisa Fratto Corcoran

"From no a $50k a $300k+ launch"

My first launch brought in over $50k. My launch from the spring brought in $300k+, and I'm launching again now. I finally feel independent and I'm able to trust my business instincts. Probably going to hit 7 figures soon and I have much more time to focus on my creative projects!

Jennifer Rosenfeld

"Consistent $30-40k MONTHS working with perfect-fit clients"

I was able to find clients I could only have imagined! I felt like a racehorse who finally found people who were able to ride a racehorse… I went from $150k/year to $30-40k consistent MONTHS. I’m on my way to 7 figures next year. I’m joining for a second round because Merel’s work is not just about wealth creation, but healing intergenerational issues...

Jade Duggan

Inside The Minimalist Millionaire Collective we have Two Pods
(based on business level and your focus on 1:1 clients vs group launches)...

... And They Experience These Kind of Results:

POD #1
Focus: Getting to Consistent
5-Figure Months by Getting Fully Booked
with High-Ticket Clients
Note: The MM Collective is the next iteration of what was formerly known as the CAA.

"Kim pivoted from a successful brick-and-mortar business to a mid-6-figure online business... SIMPLY"

Merel has the ability to go to the heart of the matter. I needed to pivot my business online, and somehow translate my 20+ years of sales experience to this new format, and she knew exactly what to fix. Working with Merel took my online business from mid-5-figures to mid-6-figures within a year... WITHOUT all the funnels, memberships, courses, and tiny offers. Thank you, Merel!


"On my best day before working with Merel, I sold 10 sessions for $1500. Now I'm making $12k in ONE DAY, and I have a predictability in my income."



Marjolein (HIDE)
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Merel said “work with me, and you can banish the sentence "nose to the grindstone" from your vocabulary for good." And she was right…

Suzy Cater

“I'm now consistently at 5-figures/mo. 
And sometimes even more than 5-figures/mo!”

We did it, Merel, I'm now consistently at 5-figures/mo. And sometimes even more than 5-figures/mo! Honestly, you and our work together, and me taking that leap of faith, really just made it happen. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  

Update: Diana is on track to hit $500,000 in 2021

Diana Eskander

Relationship Expert

“$15K and the month is only half over...”

How Relinde went from wasting money on FB ads - to filling her high-end calendar with total ease

Relinde Moors

Relationship Expert

“$30,000 in one short month without offering ANY deliverables for the first time ever”

What shifted for Becky and how it got her to an easy $30K/mo within WEEKS

Becky Keen

Relationship Expert

“A client is happily paying me $10,000 for 5 and I've tripled my income”

Yes! Here’s what happens when you position your packages as a “HAVE TO HAVE”

Christine Hansen

Relationship Expert

“I've just sold a $17,000 package, then a $20,000 one.” 

I've just sold a $17,000 package, then a $20,000 one. I landed a paid speaking gig, a leading podcast interview. I showed up, and stopped giving a shit.

Sheng Herr

POD #2

 (Multiple) 6 and 7 Figure Launches, 
Selling Out your High-Ticket Group Programs

"With Merel's strategies I keep adding on hundreds of thousands with every launch that I do" 

Marisa Corcorran

“From financially dependent on my husband to paying the down payment on our dream home and making 5 figures in one day!”


"I went from being an underpaid copywriter to a successful creative director! Merel shows you how you can inspire your clients to invest in themselves! "

Hillary weiss

Headline And
Link To Come...


Headline And
Link To Come...


Not sure what Pod you should join?  
Apply and we'll help you figure it out.

NOTE: spots are extremely limited, apply today.

My name is


A "Dutchie" living on a 160-acre farm under the wide skies of the Canadian prairie with a love for homesteading, decluttering and romantic, OK… erotic novels.
Women's Wealth Advocate.
A compassionate caller out of all sh** 
Mommy to three daughters.
Activist. Wife. Me.

And I can safely say…

I've become the
Wealthiest Woman in my Lineage.

What started as a quest to set myself and my daughters  
free from the devastating choices women make when  
they don't have monetary power?

(something I witnessed as a girl, and maybe you did too)

Ended up being a quest to help thousands of women globally liberate themselves financially - not just so that they have choice (and the ability to self-fund their beautifully unconventional lives)...

… but also to inspire them to use that monetary leverage to create social,
political and environmental justice
And so… 

Instead of mindlessly adding more stuff to our life, and making it more complex?

My husband and I decided to make where we live a Paradise. By farming regeneratively. Planting a food forest. And instead of giving our kids more stuff? We give them experiences. Like gathering farm fresh eggs every morning, taming kittens and working alongside us.

The Art of Living Simply While  Making Millions 

(and you can live this too, whatever that looks like for you)

We need more wealthy women who give a sh** and use 
their privilege as a shield (not a sword) and their overflow 
of cash to uplift others.

And so, my question to you?

What will exist in 10 years from now, because you decided to
become the wealthiest woman in your lineage?

Kim Woods (Coming Soon. Hide for Now)

Morgan (Coming Soon. Hide for now)

  • 6 mo of Business Mentorship
  • Payment plan available
  • Get support from Merel herself
  • Group caps at 22 women

"From $40/hour to $10K weeks"

Before joining I was white labeling at $40/hour. 
Now I sell 5 hours at $2,500 - that's why I bought myself a fancy office chair at $997 (because 
guess what? I make that kind of money in a couple of hours now!)

Courtney Tarrant

 "After 3 weeks in Merel's program, 
I'm earning over $30,000 this month!"

Merel's incredibly inspirational, funny, and... sees right through you! With her "we're not going to sugarcoat it" approach, I quadrupled my income within weeks and I'm WORKING LESS! Do I need to say more? No more excuses. Merel is the real deal #guts #glory

Mariella Serra


The Minimalist



Read through the info below before you hit that application button.
In the application form you can indicate what pod you'd like to join. 
Not sure? We'll help you figure it out.  
We go through all applications
in great detail due to the limited amount of spots available. 

“Jitske banked $50,000+ this January"

When I joined, it was all or nothing. I was going through a divorce. Just moved house. But I thought: "What the heck?". I planned a launch. Merel supported me through it. And (financial) miracles unfolded!

Jitske Lochtenberg

Pod #1 Win

“Becky just did $25,000 in less than a month” 

$5K used to be a big month. Thanks to Clients Anytime Academy I’m now making $30K or more in as many days!” Side effect of working with Merel and her copy magic: my home page is converting at 60-80% and I'm fully booked with sales calls!

Becky Keen

Pod #1 Win

“I made $15,000 this week”

Last year I was struggling to launch, wasting thousands of 
dollars on ads. Now I can land a handful of qualified leads with  
a single FB post!

Relinde Moors

Energy Expert, Pod #1 Win

Just Some Examples of

Wealth Leaps from Former Rounds of
Our Mentorship Program...

Pod #1

(Selling High-Ticket 1:1 Focus) Wins Include...

Pod #2

(Launch and Scale Focus)
Wins Include…

POD #1
(Selling High-Ticket 1:1 Focus) Wins Include...

Marjolein booked $140,000 in one month (she now sells 10k offers like they’re 1k offers)
Suzanne went from $100k/year to selling $150k through ONE program. UPDATE: her next launch brought in over $300,000
Sheng used to sell $2k-7k packages and now sells exclusively at 5-figures
Lisa went from selling 1k packages to easily booking $35k in a matter of months (and launched her new podcast)

POD #2
(Launch and Scale Focus)
Wins Include…

Jennifer generated over 7-figures in Revenue in 2020 while being able to focus her creative projects
Marisa went from $50,000 to $250,000/year  (this is Marisa’s 2nd time through and she went from a $112k program launch to a $120k WEEK this year)
Taryn went from $4k/month to over $35k/month AND had a $500,000+ launch... her first ever launch
Gabrielle made back her investment in the program within 48 hours of joining

Pod #1

(Selling High-Ticket 1:1 Focus) 
Wins Include...

Pod #2

(Launch and Scale Focus)
Wins Include…

POD #1
(Selling High-Ticket 1:1 Focus) Wins Include...

Relinde went from failing miserably with ads (because the timing was off) to selling 6 $2500 packages in one week, banking an easy $15,000
Reggy was bringing in 22,000 Euros after 3 weeks and has never (ever) been so clear in her messaging and positioning
Kim had a $10,000+ mo the 
 first month after joining
Courtney worked 80+ hours a week making $5k – now she makes 5-figures/month (she booked $16k in 2 weeks) working SO MUCH LESS
Mariella quadrupled her income within weeks of joining the program and had her first $29k in ONE WEEK

POD #2
(Launch and Scale Focus)
Wins Include…

Deepshikha went from being financially dependent on her husband to making the down-payment on their dream home and her first 6-figure launch 
Jade is sending out $35k contracts and having $41k months (UPDATE: six figure packages are happening!)
Becky booked $30k in 30 days ($8k used to seem like a big month)
Morgan is booking 5-figure packages with simple, 15-minute conversations
Brielle (while pregnant) has had multiple 6-figure WEEKS

Pod #1

(Selling High-Ticket 1:1 Focus) Wins Include...

Pod #2

(Launch and Scale Focus)
Wins Include…

POD #1
(Selling High-Ticket 1:1 Focus) Wins Include...

Christine went from lackluster copy to 5x increased prices, tripling her income, and selling 1:1 consulting days for $10k
Mai-Kee booked $15k with a dream client just weeks after joining the program
Tracy's income increased by 400% in the first couple weeks of joining
Laura, a Talented Healer, started selling $13,000 packages in her zone of genius 
Gabrielle, a service provider, landed another $12,000 project on Christmas morning.

POD #2
(Launch and Scale Focus)
Wins Include…

Jennifer went from a $55k launch to $253k for the same program and has booked $436k total for 2020 (so far)
Alyssa started selling $25,000+ spots in her intimate, high-ticket program
M. sold nearly $200,000 for the early bird segment of her launch alone
T. booked $189k in April 2020 - almost as much as she booked last year (and more than the annual salary she was offered at a top law firm)
Jennifer had a $25,000 day followed by a $27,500 day between Christmas and New Year's Day!

Just like the acorn holds within 
its potential an entire forest...

...You already have everything you need and more to get to $1,000,000/year and far beyond.

That's what I've learned from helping hundreds of women 
ascend into self-funded wealth, and becoming 
unapologetic female leaders who demand what they're 
worth, and get it.

And it all starts with you.

We're here to help you step into the beautiful unfolding of your own Wealth Leap, and experience the exhilaration of easefully flying past the kind of numbers that only a while ago, you'd have dismissed as "unattainable" (they're not, I've seen it over and over again)... … 

instead of inching your way to more revenue and higher profitability, and continuing to look for fixes outside of yourself (you're not broken).

If this rite of passage (of stepping into financial sovereignty)
is calling your name?

Know you don't need to rush to fulfill your destiny. It's moving toward you as fast as you're moving toward it. 

We help you tap into that magic.

  • Customized support
  • Weekly Intimate Group Coaching Calls with Merel Herself. 
  • The right moves. 
  • Timing. 
  • Way more money for you.
Indicate on the form what pod you want to join.
  • 6 mo of Business Mentorship
  • Payment plan available
  • Get support from Merel herself
  • Group caps at 22 women
Women's Wealth Advocate and Business Mentor 
Merel Kriegsman is the CEO and founder of Merel Kriegsman Media - a company that has helped hundreds of women globally ascend into SELF-FUNDED WEALTH. 

She's dedicated to helping women break the chains of generational scarcity, and step into becoming unapologetic female leaders who fearlessly demand what they're worth - and get it.

Her insights on women & wealth have been featured on CBS news, ABC news and in publications like Forbes, Fast Company and Good Housekeeping, and she was recently quoted in an article in Entrepreneur entitled, "7 Tips to Hit 7 Figures in 2020 and Beyond", alongside Sir Richard Branson.
Copyright Merel Kriegsman Media © 2021