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How to Position
Yourself High-End
in 5 Simple Steps
and Have Clients Drop 
Thousands of Dollars for 
the Privilege of Working with You
“Tripled income 3x in a 4 month period 
resulting in a $25k month for Kim!”
Thanks to your mentoring, I went from booking $2-3 thousand/mo in August, to tripling that in the fall, and then tripling it again by year’s end. This December I booked $25K in business - creating so many opportunities for me and my family. Thank you! P.S. my husband is also a huge fan!
 Kim Kiel 
Conversion Copywriter
Let’s get one thing out of the way:
High-end has nothing to do with some annoying (secretly broke) millennial “girl-boss” - going $14k into debt to fly to Paris, to have her pics taken in front of the Eiffel tower, while she laughs into her Starbucks Soy Latte.
So, what is HIGH-END?
Intimacy. No rush.
Doing everything with love.
Nearly guaranteed results
(because direct access, DUH!).
And that’s also why positioning yourself as high-end - having clients drop thousands of dollars for the privilege of having access to your magic - is a brilliant fit for female service providers and coaches. 

Because the things I listed above (intimacy, taking your time) you’re already doing! Might as well get paid the big bucks to do it.

Plus, what I’ve found?
Clients get way better results, because they have 
skin in the game. They’re literally INVESTED. 
Ready to swipe
my proven gameplan
for positioning yourself as high-end - so you can double your prices overnight and still get more “yeses” than ever before?
“THANK YOU! I confidently raised my prices AND 
my sales conversion rate spiked to almost 90%!”
THANK YOU for helping me bust through some MAJOR money blocks - so I could
confidently raise my prices (+ create VIP packages) resulting in $150,000 in sales within 
2 weeks. You are a God sent, you woman!
 Suus Beukema 
Shadow Work Expert
“I have a 100% conversion rate this month 
so far with prices I've TRIPLED!
Every online service provider should work with Merel! Not only did it help me experience 
first a $15k month, and then a $15,500 day (only a couple of weeks later), it has taught me 
a LIFE CHANGING sales call process (I hated doing them before) and I have a 100% 
conversion rate this month so far with prices I've TRIPLED!
 Deepshikha Sairam 
Instagram Expert
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